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Gina Carano vs Kobold

Posted 02 January 2011   Fights

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The much awaited event between MMA fighter Gina Carano and Kelly Kobold was held on Oct 4th, 2008 at EliteXC, Florida. Gina Carano, rightly nicknamed as ‘Conviction’ had 6 back-to back wins under her belt before taking up the challenge with Kobold. Before the fight there was a lot of hoopla seeing that Carano had only fought only one time in the past year and she did not make her weight. A confident Gina Carano guaranteed her fans that her weight won’t be a constraint in the fight.

As the fight begins, initially Kobold came hard on Gina Carano pushing her in the clinch. But soon she  showed her might and started looking at opportunities by hitting Kobold at every turn. Compelling her opponent to go for defensive strikes, Carano offered powerful kicks and blows that Kelly failed to withstand. She relied on improved footwork and sheer powerful punches to score consistently. Kobold at times tried bullying Carano against the fence, but couldn’t grab the initiative on two occasions in the first round. Gina later took the center stage and furnished back to back punches, while Kobold had no clue to her untamed opposition. Although Kobold tried to come back in the 2nd round and made her intentions pretty clear by cornering Carano, but the MMA star was not ready to bog down. Kobold even succeeded to nailed her with 20 seconds remaining in the second round, where Carano went straight attempt and missed the shot. But unfortunately there was too little time left to grab the initiative and hence the round ended before Gina’s opponent could take significant advantage of it.

The end of the second round was the defining moment in the match because by the time the third round started, Gina had found her range and rhythm. A series of power packed kicks were followed by continuous punches and that was all to unsettle her opponent. At the end of the 3rd round, Carano attempted to finish the fight as she unloaded a crushing blow that landed on Kobold’s chin, but her opponent somehow remained in the fight. Gina dominated from there onwards and her striking was crisper and her conditioning was much better. In the end, Carano’s strong physique and sprightly spirit paved the way for her enviable triumph and she won by (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).

In the post match conference, she admitted that it was one of her toughest MMA battles and thereafter dedicated this win to her grandfather. The reason behind her success is – She never underestimates her opponent’s ability and hence makes an accurate strike that leaves the other party to succumb to the might of this talented fighter. Hence Kobold who is a very tough competitor and offered tough resistance but finally failed to match the strength and quick moves of Carano. Now having trounced her opponent in the thrilling action, Gina has significantly improved her MMA records and she seems to be the biggest challenge to all other MMA fighters – a reputation which she has gained in a very short time span.