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Gina Carano Stars in Haywire

Posted 09 January 2012   Articles

Gina Carano Stars in Haywire


Gina Carano is well known for her actions in the MMA. If you aren’t familiar with this sport, it stands for Mixed Martial Arts. This sport combines a variety of different martial arts both in a stand up position and in various take down modes. It is intense, exciting, calculated, and you never know what will occur when two fighters get into the octagon.

She is no doubt one of the best females in this sport. You can see her on the big screen too in the movie Haywire. She plays a secret agent who is out to get revenge on those that have done her wrong. Most of those individuals are males, and they have significantly underestimated her power, strength, and ability.

The movie has plenty of action, and Carano is very proud of the fact that she was able to do all of her own stunts. She admits it was very challenging both physically and mentally. Yet she also feels a huge sense of pride in the finished production. She says the movie has a great story line and she was able to use her abilities to make the action scenes in it believable.

She also credits the other actors including Michael Douglas as being part of the overall realism of the movie. She talks about him offering her encouragement and guidance throughout shooting. She says she got plenty of inspiration and motivation from the producer, Steven Soderbergh, as well.

Carano was the one Soderbergh had in mind for this role from the very start. He is a fan of MMA and she has captured his attention. He has nothing for praise for a woman so determined to do well in a sport that is dominated by men. He has also seen her go through challenges such as some tough losses. Yet she took it all in stride, stayed positive, and came back into the octagon better than ever. He says you just can’t help but admire and be intrigued by Carano all that the same time.

Carano has been taking part in various interviews about the movie. She says her image is one that isn’t quite on target. Due to her activities in the MMA and with the movie Haywire, she has been labeled as violent. She says the opposite is true; she doesn’t like to hurt people. When asked why she fights, she had a simple response – it is honest.

If you are a fan of action movies or one that is often cheering for Carano when she is in the octagon, you should check out Haywire. Those that are fans of Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal will find this movie right up their alley. Men can’t help but be impressed with the beauty and movements of Carano. Women can’t help but be impressed by what she offers.

As a result, it can offer a few hours of entertainment on date night. Many are saying this could be one of the very best action movies that will be out in 2012. View it yourself and make up your own mind about that!