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Posted 09 January 2011   Fights

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Gina Carano, the veteran MMA fighter was once again ready to prove her mettle in
the world of martial arts by challenging a strong and talented Muay Thai specialist
– Katlin Young. The action-packed event was scheduled on May 31st, 2008 and was
witnessed by myriad viewers who came to cheer their respective fighters. Gina had
her work cut out in the match against Young. The night started amidst controversy
when Carano was penalized for weighing 3 pounds overweight. Odds were heavily
in favor of Carano (2/9) and the specialty of this formidable fighter that helps
her to easily overpower even tougher opponents is that she tries to establish her
dominance at the very outset, thus crushing the confidence of the other party.
The match started with both Gina and Kaitlin exchanging a number of heavy strikes
in the first round. Gina Carano maintained her calm and offered strikes that do not
go amiss. Kaitlin was really flexible in the ring but Gina pulled it together and used
her excellent striking skills to unnerve her opponent. Soon the crowd was up on their
feet and ready to witness a great fight with very impressive stand up and ground
skills. In the first round, there were even glimpses of an upset when Kaitlin’s punch
hit Carano right on her chin. After the end of the first round, the honor was evenly
shared amongst the two aggressive natured competitors. But as the second round
progresses, Gina used her experience and bullied Kaitlin against the fence; then
came back to back power-packed serial punches to unsettle the opponent. As the
tempo was rising and fight entered in between second and third rounds, there was
an unfortunate interruption from the ringside doctor.

Looking at the damage caused to Young, specially her left cheek and area
surrounding the eye, it was advised by the doctor not to continue anymore and the
commission agreed to it. Gina was getting the better of her opponent and hence
there was no doubt on who would have been the eventual winner, but still all of us
would have loved to see a complete fight.

Now having trounced her opponent in the thrilling action, Carano has significantly
improved her MMA records and she seems to be the biggest challenge to all other
MMA fighters – a reputation which she has gained in a very short time span. Agile
and clever strikes coupled with good defensive actions leaves no scope for her
opponent to outsmart her. An invincible fighter, she successfully manages to make a
smooth victory. Having knocked down one of the popular MMA fighters Katlin Young,
Gina Carano seems to be improving with every fight, overcoming her earlier lacunas
and strengthening her wrestling skills. A shining star, Carano is unbeatable.