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Posted 09 Jan 2012

Gina Carano Stars in Haywire

Gina Carano Stars in Haywire   Gina Carano is well known for her actions in the MMA. If you aren’t familiar with this sport, it stands for Mixed Martial Arts. This sport combines a variety of different martial arts both in a stand up position and in various take down modes. It is intense, exciting, calculated, and you never... Continue »
Posted 09 Jan 2011

Gina Carano; making her place in an...

Gina Carano; making her place in an “extreme” male dominated sport. As the freshest face in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Gina Carano, currently 4-0, is certainly bringing a lot of publicity to the sport. The MMA, which debuted in 1993, was originally an effort to determine which fighting system would be the most effective in an unregulated combat... Continue »
Posted 09 Jan 2011

A newcomer to the world of MMA

  A virtual newcomer to the world of Mixed Martial Arts Gina Carano is a name that no one had heard of just a few years ago. Today, however, to fans of the MMA, she’s quickly becoming a household word. Originally trained in Muay Thai Boxing, the 24-year old native of Nevada won her most recent MMA bout on... Continue »